Outdoors Fitness Pleasure

Specialized outdoors fitness installations.
Discover Gym Social!


We offer an «avant-garde» technology: Our Gym Social equipment excels in performance, durability and security.



We offer 4 packages customized to your needs.
Our equipment can be easily installed in parks, schools, universities, private companies, sports centers, spas, hotels, elderly homes, and even at home...


Your Outdoor Fitness Gym

We are devoted to the research and creation of specialized fitness equipment.
We transform any given outdoor space, into a customized outdoors fitness installation.




Products developed in collaboration with INÉDI and Alcoa Innovation,
with the financial support of CQRDA and RISQ.


Alcoa Innovation supports Quebec’s SMEs in their innovative projects, from design to prototyping; Alcoa Innovation aims to increase the transformation of aluminum in Québec.

“To promote the development of innovative products on the transformation of aluminum; by stimulating the uses of the aluminum which promote sustainable development; and by promoting the realization of development projects technology that gives access to associated knowledge aluminum products and uses thereof.”


The CQRDA’S mission is to contribute to increasing economic spin-offs by actively supporting the networking between educational institutions and SMEs, as well as between companies involved in the production and processing of aluminum through the intermediary Its liaison, monitoring and R & D activities in order to achieve an effective transfer of knowledge, know-how and new technologies.


INÉDI is a center that promotes innovation and creativity in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises by acting as a conductor in training, expertise, information, research and development of industrial design. It aims to advance the practice of industrial design and its use in Québec companies and other CCTTs through the transfer of technology resulting from applied research projects along three main axes: sustainable design, rapid prototyping and Reverse engineering.


RISQ promotes an economically based growth of human values in democracy and solidarity. These carried socially economic values are at the very heart of the ‘collective reason of being’ of collective enterprises and can be summed up in four main axes:

• Individual and collective support.
• Democratic decision-making process.
• The primacy of human and employment over capital.
• Production of socially useful goods and services.


About Us

We transform any outdoor space
into a fun and unique fitness oasis.

Who Are We?

The Gym Social concept was created by the C.E.P.A – Coop d’Entraînement en Plein Air (Outdoor Training Co-op).

CEPA is a group of social entrepreneurs, industrial designers and health specialists who share the same passion: practicing and promoting physical activity in the enjoyment of the outdoors!

By combining our outdoor fitness expertise, with mechanical engineering and social inclusion, we come to an innovative approach that addresses the problem of obesity and lack of physical activity in our modern society.


Our Services


Make an appointment with one of our experts, so we can evaluate the space you want to develop, according to your needs and style desired. CONTACT US


Design and development of customized outdoors gyms or fitness areas. Development Plans and 2D-3D designs of your outdoors fitness space.

Fitness Coaches

Assistance of private fitness trainers: for better serving the community.


Site preparation, backfilling and equipment installation.


Outdoor Fitness Pleasure.