Our design values

All our products have been designed in a “Biomimicry” with nature,
facilitating a smooth integration into the environment.


Design value

Inspired by a Grasshopper


Made of steel or aluminum

Type training

Cardiovascular training


Notre système unique de roue anti-coincement brevetée, est une innovation majeure qui elimine les risques des blessures aux enfants.


Technical sheet


  • Cardiovascular training station.

Targeted exercises

  • Cardio
  • Increased leg strength, arms and shoulders.

Targeted muscles

  • Upper and lower body muscles.


  • Increases cardiovascular fitness of the individual.
  • Increases coordination capacity.
  • No impact on joints.
  • Large caloric expenditure (+ 1200cal. per day).
  • Recommended for the elderly or those recovering from injury.
Download Fiche technique

Our GS swivel assembly nylon is placed in all our equipment.

US 9,345,926 B2

Eco-elliptical GS (Gym Social) and its “patented swivel assembly”

The swivel assembly of our Eco-elliptical GS provides a guarantee security, durability and performance . . . for life!

Unlike traditional ball bearing mechanism used by all our competitors, our Eco- elliptical GS is provided with a patented ‘swivel assembly’, which was meticulously designed, respecting the safety standard for children’s outdoors playgrounds. This ensures maximum safety for users as well as non-users (children and general public).
In addition, our Eco-elliptical GS and its swivel assembly, was designed to ensure durability from Canadian weather and an unrivaled sporting performance.

Here is a comparison chart:

Conventional bearing vs the Gym Social swivel assembly

Conventional ball bearings present in the market.

Ball bearings are exposed to extreme temperature, climate change (condensation and humidity), earth, sand or dirt, giving the bearing a disadvantageous warranty in its functioning:

  • Reduction of lubricant property.
  • Accumulation of corrosion and dirt.
  • Entrapment or lock of the bearing systems.
  • Partial operation or complete blockage of the bearings after the 2-year warranty, thus preventing the use of the device.
GS Pivot Assembly

The Gym Social Pivot Assembly is protected by US patent, recognizing its high technological level, its originality and its high capacity of operation. Here are the benefits:

  • No lubricant necessary (bearings nylons).
  • Designed complying with CAN / CSA-Z614 standard.
  • Anti-lock wheel and without points of entrapment.
  • Prevents the formation of rust.
  • Functions even under the most extreme conditions: climate change, exposure to sand, dirt, rust or any other corrosive element.
  • Simple assembling of wheel and secure theft and anti- vandalism elements.
  • Guaranteed for 10 years.

Safety Standards, Installation and Warranties

  • Our devices are adaptable to any type of installation.
  • We can adapt our facilities systems to your specifications.
  • Our equipment meets Canadian CAN/CSA-Z614 standards on children’s playgrounds.
  • The CEPA equipment was designed for 12-year-olds and over.
  • 10-year warranty on structures (some restrictions apply).



The outdoor fitness, a natural and ecological alternative for the mental and physical health of modern society.