Équistable Station

Our Design Values

All our products have been designed in a “Biomimicry” with nature,
facilitating a smooth integration into the environment.


Design value

Inspired by Water


Made of steel or aluminum


Type training

Development of stability and balance


The Équistable station (Balance + Stability) has a rotating platform (at the start position) and a second balance platform (rotating).

3 = Support handle

1-4A = Rotating platform with support foot
2-4B = Swivel foot platform with support

Technical Sheet


  • Équistable Station (Équilibre/Stabilité)

Targeted exercises

  • The rotation start position on the rotating platform helps stretch the internal and external oblique, adding emphasis on abdominal and extensor muscles of the spine.
  • Helps maintain a slimmer waistline.
  • Exercise on the rotating platform (also known as “balance disk”) may improve strength, flexibility and endurance of the abdominals, lower back, thighs and calf muscles.


  • The abdominals, lower back, thighs and calf muscles.


  • Improves strength, flexibility and endurance of the abdominals.
  • Strengthens the muscle of the lower back, thighs and calves.
  • Improve coordination and posture.
  • Improves balance and coordination of the body, improving overall posture and confidence of the individual.
  • The Équistable helps develop in the elderly, balance, stability and independence.
  • For the general public, Équistable develops a slimmer waist and enhances tone thighs.
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Safety Standards, Installation and Warranties

  • Our devices are adaptable to any type of installation.
  • We can adapt our facilities systems to your specifications.
  • Our equipment meets Canadian CAN/CSA-Z614 standards on children’s playgrounds.
  • The CEPA equipment was designed for 12-year-olds and over.
  • 10-year warranty on structures (some restrictions apply).



The outdoor fitness, a natural and ecological alternative for the mental and physical health of modern society.